BMX Anti-bullying Assembly Program

The BMX Team is legendary for its success on two wheels, entertaining student assemblies of all sizes and all ages throughout the USA. It is equally renowned for convincing young people to make the right choices when it comes to standing up against bullies and all forms of bullying, both subtle and overt. Kids feel empowered in the presence of these spectacular athletes. They identify with them because the BMX stunt show is comprised of riders who are just like them.

Anti Bullying School Assemblies & Presentations are a powerful and exciting way to deliver positive reinforcement using extreme sports athletes who not only wow students, but provide a presentation packed with informative education on bullying.

The exciting shows and school assemblies performed by the world-class Perfection On Wheels Bicycle Stunt Team offer an ideal anti-bulling campaign platform


Award-winning BMX athletes thrill young people with their incredible tricks and breathtaking stunts to capture their attention and imagination


Levering respect, admiration, and instant celebrity status to build strong rapport with students by connections with them on a deeper level to convey powerful anti-bullying messages

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